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20 Poetry Prompts That’ll Help Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

If you’re a writer, you’re no stranger to the blank page and the feelings of frustration and intimidation that come with it. But breaking free from writer’s block might not be as hard as you think – check out these unique poetry prompts for some instant inspiration!

1. Freshen things up: Take a clichéd phrase and twist it into something new and surprising. Build a poem around your new phrase.

2. School buses and crayon boxes: Write a poem about meeting your childhood best friend.

3. You can use a little love: Create a list of things you like best about yourself and use it to write a “self-love” poem.

4. Art inspires art: Write a poem based on a painting or photo you love.

5. Build from boredom: Write a poem about a mundane task you hate.

6. Words from a hat: Use the following words in a poem: fate, marble, flood.

7. Long time, no speak: Write a poem about someone you haven’t talked to in years.

8. Homonyms: Pick a word that has 2 different meanings and incorporate both into a poem.

9. Hot or cold? Write a poem about which type of weather you prefer without using any descriptions of temperature.

10. Fleeting feelings: Write about a time when you experienced a strong emotion that came and went very suddenly.

11. Forgotten: Write a poem about an object covered in dust.

12. Every last nerve: Write about your biggest pet peeve.

13. In season: Describe your favorite time of year only using taste descriptions.

14. What’s all the buzz about? Write a poem from the perspective of a bumble bee.

15. So fly: Write a poem about a paper airplane that never lands.

16. Sticky situation: Write a poem that compares gum and the truth.

17. Seas the moment: Write a poem about the ocean and a form of non-romantic love.

18. Y thank you, sir: Make a list of 10 words that end in a Y and incorporate all of them in one poem.

19. A brief pause: Write a poem about stopping at a gas station or rest stop on a long journey.

20. Falling for you: Describe the feeling of falling in love using at least one description of sound, smell, and taste.


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