Kristen Costello is a New Jersey-based poet who enjoys fuzzy blankets, traveling, the smell of bookstores, and thunderstorms with more thunder than lightening. She is widely known across TikTok, Instagram, and Tumblr for her unique and imaginative imagery. Her poems touch on themes such as love, loss, mental illness, friendship, personal growth, and healing.

Costello completed her bachelor’s degree in just three years at Ursinus College. She majored in Media and Communications Studies with a minor in Creative Writing and graduated as Valedictorian in 2016.

Costello’s poetry and nonfiction essays have been featured in The Lantern, a prestigious literary magazine. Her highly anticipated debut poetry collection will be released in 2022. Get notified about the release by signing up for her newsletter below.

"We all have stories in side of us
beating against our rib cages
yearning to be set free"


- Kristen Costello